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As I mentioned, I did not discover this new research because I was “looking for it”. In fact, it was my anti-cancer research that led me down this rabbit hole.

Cancer is what happens when cells mutate and multiply.

It’s a metabolic activity, so I knew that I needed to look into the cellular processes that drive tumor growth.

But what does this have to do with weight gain, low energy, and sluggish thinking?  

As it turns out… everything! And for anyone dealing with any of the conditions I’ve mentioned, then…

There’s A Good Chance That The Body
Is Stuck In What I Call An “Anabolistic Loop”

Now pay close attention here – this is some of the same material that I’ve presented to rooms full of doctors, but I’m going to make it as easy as possible to understand. So here’s how it works:

Blood Glucose

Every time someone sits down to eat, they’re putting calories into their body.

Now if they only eat a little bit of food, most of those calories are immediately converted to glucose.

Then in the cells, the glucose mixes with oxygen – very similar to a car engine – and it’s burned for fuel.

But let’s say that someone eats way more calories than they need. Easy to do these days!  

Well now, there’s a lot of extra glucose running through the bloodstream. And what happens is that cells sense this, and tell the body hey, we don’t need all of this energy right now, so it’s time to get anabolistic.”

That basically means “it’s time to grow and store.” Anabolism is anything that combines small, simple molecules to build bigger, more complex molecules… like glycogen, free fatty acids, cholesterol, and triglycerides.


It’s an ingenious process, and it served our ancestors very well. They would often go for days between big meals, so a bit of stored sugar and fat helped them survive. But today, with all of the calories we eat, it’s no wonder that the average American has grown. 

Until recently, that’s where the story ended. And that’s why every well-meaning doctor out there has said that the answer is “eat less, and exercise more.”

Cut the amount of calories we take in, and exercise to make the body burn more. Simple, right?

Not quite… because what we’ve discovered is that many Americans are stuck in an “anabolistic loop.” And if this is the case, then…

Cells Are Quite Literally Programmed To Store Energy As Fat… Despite Exercise And Diet!

…and that means weight issues, fatigue and brain fog. 

Even worse, this condition also means that cells are not getting “catabolistic” and burning all of that stored energy.


The opposite of this weight-gaining anabolistic loop is when cells get catabolistic – that’s when they break down complex molecules into simple ones, and create more energy.  

And if the body can’t get catabolistic, it simply won’t burn any fat, and people feel incredibly sluggish.

Put another way: shifting cells from anabolistic, to catabolic is the key to healthy weight levels, more energy, and sharper thinking. 

So this leads us to the million dollar question:

What Determines If Cells Are Programmed To Store Fat, Or Burn It?

The answer, we’ve recently learned, is a chemical called AMPK.

AMPK exists in every cell, in every living animal… from simple yeasts, all the way up to humans. 

Yes, it’s that important - it’s basically a “Metabolic Master Switch.”

AMPK Overview

When AMPK is “switched on” in cells, it tells them to get catabolic, break down fat, and burn energy.

If someone’s AMPK was permanently “switched on,” their body would be a fat-burning machine! And they’d have loads of energy… clean, smooth cellular energy that lasts all day.

They’d feel more youthful, more energetic, and their body would look like they LIVED in the gym.

But when AMPK is switched off, it tells cells to get anabolistic, store fat, and conserve energy.

The result? Weight problems, lethargy and brain fog

…even if someone is exercising or dieting!

And what we now believe is that…

Overweight Sad

Millions Of Americans Have
Unwittingly Had Their AMPK
“Switched Off”

…a condition we call the Anabolistic Disorder

When that happens, it becomes unbelievably difficult to get rid of excess weight!  

It’s like trying to walk down the street with a 100-pound weight dragging behind.

Dragging Weight

Every step is a painful effort, and it feels like it’s impossible to reach the destination. It’s discouraging, and it just makes my patients want to give up!

When I made this discovery, the next question I asked was: what causes AMPK to shut off

Well, it turns out that there are three AMPK Blockers, and fair warning, this is a little upsetting… but remember, there is a solution, so please do not get discouraged.