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A Georgetown ER Doctor Reveals What Everyone Else Got Wrong About Weight Gain In America… And What To Do About It

My name is Dr. Mark Rosenberg, and I have to admit – after twenty years of treating thousands of patients in the ER and in my clinic, I was surprised to learn that almost everything we know about weight management is wrong.

Yet we recently made a significant scientific breakthrough and identified the cellular condition that leads to uncontrollable mid-life weight issues, fatigue and discomfort.

It’s something that’s wrong on the inside, and since no one has known about it, doctors haven’t been looking for it.

Sometimes, it gets diagnosed as a thyroid issue, sometimes they simply give up and call it “aging.”

But We’ve Now Discovered A Root Cause Of Uncontrollable Mid-Life Weight Changes…

…and it has nothing to do with eating too many carbohydrates, too much sugar, “calories in, calories out”… or any of the other things we’ve been told.


Instead, it has everything to do with a single cellular pathway that has only recently been discovered.

And what’s exciting is that the same research that points to this real root cause of weight issues also points to a remarkable solution.

I remember being very skeptical when we began to trial this solution at my clinic. But when the results came in, even I was surprised at how effective it was.

And needless to say, my patients were completely ecstatic that I’d turned them on to something that had worked when everything else had failed them.

They’d report back, bursting with the energy of their youth and upbeat moods… even those in their seventies and eighties. 

They’d tell me how their family physicians were in awe of their trim new bodies and their healthy blood markers.

More than one told me that their doctor asked them what their secret was!


And quite a few patients – including a young, 38-year old woman who’d seen five doctors before she came to me – told me that I saved their lives.

I’ve Taken A Long Time To Go Public With This Information

That’s for two reasons:

  1. 1. – I wanted to see enough patients experience the change to know that this is a lasting, long-term solution for weight management, and…

  2. 2. – some of the big drug companies will really lose out when this hits the press.

But now that I’ve seen not just the research, but also the results… in patients who I’ve cared for, and who I deeply care for… I knew I had to come forward.

But please understand..

I’m Not A Dietician, Or Even A So-Called Weight Expert…

and I believe that’s why I found myself in the position to see what all of them had missed.

Dr. Rosenberg

I earned my M.D. from the Georgetown School of Medicine, went on to serve in the armed forces, and then spent over a decade running Emergency Rooms.

But when my mother appeared in my own ER, short of breath, I was devastated to be the doctor who diagnosed her with lung cancer.

I did my best to be professional, but on the inside, I felt a mix of profound sadness, and anger that I didn’t have any great answers for her.

Driving home from my shift that night, I resolved that I would devote the rest of my life to understanding cancer, and aging.

And while I’m not an oncologist, I’ve taught and lectured to rooms of dozens of them, everywhere from the Cleveland Clinic, to Harvard University.

So the patients who find me and my clinic are either very experimental, and looking to extend their life as long as possible, or very sick, and dealing with cancer or dangerous diseases.

In both cases, weight has been a real problem for them. And since my real goal is to help my patients live longer, heal their lives, I’ve had to tackle this head-on.

Dr. Rosenberg Lecture

In fact, there are pending patents in the US, UK, and EU for a novel obesity treatment that I developed. And as important as it is to treat this, we never took it all the way to market, for reasons I’ll share shortly. 

The fact is, weight issues put a person at a much higher likelihood of developing a fatal disease… everything from type 2 diabetes, to a sudden, life-ending stroke, to cancer in the kidney, colon, breast, and liver. 1

And before any of that happens, it seriously damages the quality of life.

Lower Energy,
Depressed Feelings,
Fogginess, Discomfort…

…these are daily experiences for so many people who suffer from uncontrollable mid-life weight changes.

Most doctors are painfully unaware of the root cause, and frankly, many of them are even suffering from these conditions themselves!

And the kick in the ribs is that most people think it’s their own fault. That they just don’t have enough willpower, or that they haven’t tried hard enough.

Overweight Workout

Many feel like they’re doing everything right, but they can’t “shake off” the layers that have accumulated over the years.

But as we’ve now established, nearly everything we’ve been told

about weight management is flat-out wrong… so it’s no wonder why the fat seems“glued on.”

I’ve Seen The Sadness And The Shame In My Own Patients’ Eyes

But the real blame should go to the doctors, the dieticians and the business owners who’ve been repeating misinformation to the American public about what really causes weight problems

So enough is enough. Today, I’m going to share the research that is finally liberating my patients from the shackles of uncontrollable weight.  

I’m going to reveal how to activate a cellular process that will reboots a body's “youth metabolism

And I’m going to share the breakthrough AMPAlive formula that my patients are using to finally overcome this scourge, get their cellular weight-management circuits firing again, and experience the joy of a trim, healthy physique.

Weight management used to be hard. And impossible for many, especially as they’ve aged.

But with this new development, it becomes easy.

Whether someone has struggled with this their whole lives, or is just looking to go from “average” to “athletic,” this does work.

So please, take a seat, because this could be the most important thing to read all year… and possibly even in a lifetime.

Healthy Older Woman

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